How to Make a Haircut Fit Your Eyes and Hair Color

A woman’s eye color cannot be changed with every haircut, however, a haircut can be manipulated and selected in a manner that fits the eye color. Hair color can also be manipulated to suit one’s likes and preferences. When one wants to keep their natural hair color, they can choose a haircut that fits their hair color. By choosing a haircut that fits one’s eye and hair color, they enhance their natural beauty. As we focus on hair color and eye color, other factors that one should consider when choosing a haircut include:

  • Skin color;
  • Hair texture;
  • Haircut popularity and reputation;
  • Facial features and shape.

It is crucial for every woman to consider their eye color when choosing a haircut.

Haircuts and hair color for brown eyes

Women with brown eyes will mostly have a warm skin tone which will go very well with most haircuts. From short classic bob to wavy or curly bob or a medium length layered haircut. A curly side-swept bob will bring out the brown eyes and more so if the hair color is dyed with a dash of blonde on the highlights.

A medium haircut with a backside up-do will also bring out the beauty of brown eyes. If the hair color is dark brown, this style is perfect. If the hair color is a lighter shade, dark brown highlights will do the trick. For women with darker hair, light brown highlights will be perfect for the haircut.

Hair colors that best fit brown eyes include chestnut browns, toffee colors, caramel and blondes. These bring out that natural eye color and make them shine.  

Haircuts and hair color for Colored eyes

Women with colored eyes also need to choose a haircut that compliments them and if not to go along with their natural hair color, hair color selection is as important. Short haircuts such a pixie with light colored hair brings out those green or blue eyes perfectly. A wavy or curly pushed back bob with a darker shade hair color will also make those colored eyes a shiny pop.

Naturally wavy hair for women with colored eyes is best worn long or with a medium haircut. If it is naturally dark, it will look awesome and if it is light a dark dye or dark highlights here and there will make those colored eyes the center of attention.

When a woman chooses the right haircut for their eye color, they enhance their beauty. Their hair color is as important as it will bring out the beauty in their eyes and facial features.

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