Ten Classic Haircuts for Women over Fifty

When a woman above fifty is looking for a haircut, they will feel more confident selecting a haircut that has been proven to look good on women of her status and age. Some of the issues they consider are:

  • How it complements their natural features;
  • How it expresses their feelings and intentions;
  • The message does it send to others.

Some of the most classic haircuts that still look good on women over fifty include:

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The Classic Bob

This is a style that dates back many years and yet remains stylish and classy. It can be tailor styled to suit the tastes and preferences of any woman. It is most favored by women with straight fine hair.

Wavy Bob

This is the most favored by women with strong voluminous wavy or curly hair. Though classic, its chin-length cut and a few layers make it look brand new.

Undercut bob

The hair is cut extremely short at the back and a good length at the front that covers most of the backside. It is a classic look and the lengths can be manipulated to suit one’s preference.

The Shag

It has a natural wave and outward bangs while a few well-placed highlights can make it glow to give an excellent look. It is perfect for hair that has a natural wave and women who want a simple low maintenance look.

Soft Bangs Short Cut

This is a classic style that is common to royalty due to its ability to bring out a dignified appearance. It clearly brings out facial features and draws the right attention.

The pompadour

This is a style that also dates way back in time. It however still brings out a retro-cool appearance. The sides are slicked up to the back to give it a silky finish and firm hold.

Soft, Wavy Shoulder-Length Cut

The hair is cut to shoulder length and waves make it look classy and timeless. Women with straight hair can use big rollers to create the waves and the style looks more natural with hair that has natural waves.

Stacked Bob

Women who want to give an illusion of voluminous hair can use this classic style. Women over fifty whose hair has begun getting the natural grey look great in it especially with some highlights.

Wavy Layered Medium cut

This comes naturally to women with wavy hair. Layers are added and the hair is cut to shoulder length with baby bangs to give a classic finish.

Middle Parted Curly Haircut

Women with naturally curly hair are favored by this medium length haircut. This classic style can be parted in the middle to give it a fluffy finish for your grey hair.

Classic haircuts look great on women above fifty as they still have the ability to give them a gorgeous appearance.

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