Stylish Haircuts for Women over Fifty

The need for style and glamour to a woman increases as women approach and reach their prime years. Women over fifty feel the need to get a dashing hairstyle so as to redirect attention from areas that they wish to remain unnoticed. There are many stylish haircuts for women above fifty and when chosen appropriately assist an individual shed a few years off their appearance. Some of these stylish styles include:

  • Bob cuts;
  • Pixie styles;
  • Layered styles;
  • Medium length haircuts.

Short Tucked Layered Bob

This bob cut is easy to style, remains stylish over time. It is shorter to the back and has a few layers and bangs. It is most suitable with light colored hair and will shed off about twenty years from the look of a woman when styled well.

Swept Back Shoulder Length Layers

Women over fifty feel the need to hold onto their youthful years. For women who wore their hair long when younger will want a stylish long length haircut. A shoulder-length cut is suitable for such women. It will look more stylish with women who have voluminous hair yet wants a manageable style.

Medium Layered Cut with Bangs

This is a hairstyle that is quite common to women above fifty. Its light and youthful and longest strands of hair being cut to barely touch the shoulders. Bangs are added to make it more stylish with the top layers being cut shorter gradually to form a thick bang. The layers are commonly known to bring out a younger impression and this haircut ensures you look and feel confident.


This is a style that suits straight healthy shiny hair and goes perfectly well with any color of hair to give a gorgeous appearance. It is a stylish haircut that falls between the classic bob and a medium length haircut. It barely grazes the shoulders and has a few layers giving it an ability to give an illusion of volume as well as an amazing face frame.

Short Textured Pixie

This is for ladies who like a clean, low maintenance look. It offers texture and showcases a ladies face. It is cut shorter to the back with layers and bangs to make it more fluffy and shiny. It is suitable for both casual and executive look and is more interesting and stylish with different shade highlights.

Short Curly Wild Bob

Women above fifty who have naturally curly hair may find a straight hairstyle quite high maintenance. This curly bob is most suitable for them. It does not require straightening as it takes advantage of the curly hair for a gorgeous wavy style. The hair is cut to a length right below the cheeks but barely touching the shoulders. It gives a confident look and complements facial features perfectly giving the lady a youthful look.

An amazing stylish haircut chosen well will complement one’s natural features. These styles will not only give confidence to women above fifty but will also shed some years off their appearance.

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